Tuesday 22 October 2019

How to Secure More Facebook Account?

Facebook is a fabulous platform for doing social sharing, people can share their pictures, videos, upcoming events, join groups, update statues, etc. you can share a lot of information in virus ways on Facebook. On Facebook, you can get lots of fun by playing games and permute your business by creating your business page. So Facebook has too much traffic and virus people are using Facebook, you never know who the hacker among them is. You have to keep secure your Facebook account always. For that fallow some steps: Secure Profile Picture: People are identified you by your profile picture. You need to secure it first. Facebook account can be created by using your profile picture and your name by someone else. You can avoid this to happen by using the feature that is “profile picture guard”. You have to open your profile picture and select a profile picture and click it. After opening your profile picture, you have to select the “torn on profile picture guard” which is given on the bottom of the picture. You will see a blue shield that comes on your picture then nobody can download your picture and share it. Recover Your Facebook Account with the Help of Friends: If your Facebook account is hacked and you are not able to access your account then you can contact the Facebook help center by using an official phone number. You can also recover your account by this process which is given here. In Facebook, you can recover your Facebook account with the help of your trusted friends. You have to go in settings, then go to “Security and login”, then go to your friend's contact and you have to select your 3 friends, these 3 friends can help you to access your Facebook account by sending you a verification code. Your Facebook Account Information: You can get your Facebook account information on Facebook, for that go to the Facebook account setting, you will get the option “your Facebook information” which is on the lift. Here Facebook provides you the integrated information of each and every activity of your Facebook account on a single page. Through this page, you can get a not only view but also manage your all activity and you have a control to appear those activities in front of your friends which you want to appear. That is who you can secure your Facebook account. If you face any Facebook issues which you can’t fix then you can get a Facebook help solution by dialing a Facebook official phone number.  

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