Thursday 19 March 2020

Is Google Chat and Hangouts the Same Thing?

Yes, they are pretty much the same thing, Google Chat was the earlier version of Hangouts. Earlier Google chat was the best option for us to chat on our mails. In 2013 Google released a new product called Hangouts to replace the chat feature in the Gmail sidebar. But users were given the option of keeping the same chat or switch to hangouts.

So, many people switched to hangouts and many stuck to old Google Chats. But both were good enough to chat on Google mail and contact anyone. Hangouts were packed with a lot of features that were missing in Google chat, and eventually, they started rolling out the Hangouts to everyone. And after a while, everyone who wanted to chat on Gmail was forced to use Hangouts. But some of us didn’t like that stopped using the service but eventually, hangouts have become the new normal.

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